Renew is a network of Community Groups where we can turn a large church into a community.

Renew believes each person is God-designed for community. Renew wants everyone to have a place to connect and grow! To this end, Renew forms groups which can be based on the season of life, area of town, or focused toward single, married, divorced, male, or female. A typical Renew group meeting includes fellowship, Bible study and discussion, and prayer. If you are ready, the simplest way to join a group is to attend the next Group Connection Event. Below you will find a signup form for the next event.

Group Connection Event
Signup Form


GET started In Community Groups

Option 1 - Get some friends together and start a group. We will help you with materials and training, if needed.

Option 2 - Attend a Group Connection Event. Several times throughout the year we launch groups with other people who want to participate a group. (Let us know you are coming by completing the form below. We will let you know when the next meeting is.)

Option 3 - Check out an existing group by clicking the link below which will open a new window in your browser.


Step One

Commit to

If this is new to you, plan to give a minimum of 4 months to a new group. The Bible says you need others and they need you.


Step Two

Practice the “One Anothers.”

59 times the Bible tells us to pursue loving, biblical friendships with intention and purpose. Community Groups give us a place to best practice these truths.


Step Three

Display the good news of Jesus to others.

Connect and encourage others to serve and grow together.

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Want to Lead a Group?

Click below to complete an application so that Pete Patterson, Pastor of Discipleship, can contact you.


Interested in Joining a community group?

If none of the options above work for you, please contact Pete Patterson ( to help get you connected.

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